The Top Lesbian Dating Sites List Of 2016

Looking forward to meet like-minded women? Want to get the best out of all those lesbian dating sites online? Wanting to meet your twin soul?

Then there is only one thing that can help you – a nice lesbian dating website. With the help of such a site, you meet:

  • Beautiful lesbian women
  • Genuine friends that have similar thoughts about women getting attracted to women
  • Cute bisexual ladies
  • Bi-curious women, who wish to try new things with the same gender
  • Local lesbian women
  • Best friends for lie

But choosing the best lesbian dating site from the list is no piece of cake. Here are the top six things you need to remember before picking up any particular website:

  • 1)Learn about the website: If you really want to find the best lesbians to catch up with, it is necessary for you to put some time and efforts for the same. If you have already found a website for yourself, explore it as much as you can.
  • 2)Check different forums on internet: It is essential for you to visit different lesbian forums and find out how many people trust which lesbian dating site. You can always start a chat thread and ask people about the website you are planning to explore for meeting your lesbian soul mate.
  • 3)Talk to your lesbian friends about the dating websites they use: If you are lesbian, you surely have a lot of lesbian friends. Catch up with them over coffee and find out about the different websites they use to make friends and find girlfriends for themselves. You can genuinely trust in the names of those websites, which are used by your lesbian friends.
  • 4)Find out how much you can trust in the women on the lesbian dating websites: For this, you need to create an account and visit different profiles. It is quite easy for you to understand about the profiles on such websites, since there can be a lot of men posing as lesbian women.
  • 5)Find out for how long the website has been on internet: If you want to meet the prettiest genuine lesbian women, it is necessary for you to trust those websites, which have been on internet for a long time. Older the website, easier it is for you to trust the women with their profiles in it.

#1 Match For Lesbian

As the most popular and the largest dating network available on the internet, platform offers online dating opportunities for just about everybody, including lesbians as well. There are a lot of challenges in having a lesbian lifestyle, particularly if you live in a small town. In such cases, Match for lesbians is the ideal platform to meet up with the match of your choice. There are millions of members on Match covering all niches, and with such a great number of members you can be sure that there is a large number of lesbians available for search.

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#2 Pink Cupid is one of the top lesbian dating websites on the internet. It is solely made for lesbians to help them find their partners. This online dating site is a trusted platform for women to get to know, keep in touch, and fall in love with other women. Whether you are looking for a friend, a partner, or a love life, PinkCupid will not disappoint.




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#3 Girl Friends Meet is a decent site for women looking to pursue social networking and casual dating with other bisexual or lesbian women. It is a simplified and easy-to-use site and has adequate and satisfactory features, although the member count of this site is relatively less as compared to other lesbian dating sites.





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#4 Pink Sofa is an online dating platform for lesbian, bisexual, and bi-couple women and its main focus is to make them feel comfortable and at home. With more than 13 years of experience, PinkSofa has refined the site for ease-of-use and made it a welcoming environment. The number of registered members is massive, which guarantees that you will find a lot of potential dates here.




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#5 Lesbian Cupid is an online dating site designed specifically for lesbians. The goal of this site is to help lesbian and bisexual women find their match who are not only suitable for them but also compatible with their active lifestyle. The site features detailed lesbian profiles along with an efficient search platform that allows its members to find potential dates that are the exact match, using criteria like hobbies, beliefs, interests, etc. There is also an option to view only those profiles that are verified. A verified profile is an indication that your profile is not fake and you are a real member.

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