6 Tips for Bisexual Women Dating Lesbians

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bisexual women dating lesbiansBisexual women are naturally interested in dating both men and women. However, they find this to be something that is easier said than actually done. Many lesbians are wary of dating lesbians, believing their interest in girls to be just a passing phase. Other lesbians dislike the notion of having to compete with men for the attention of a bisexual woman. Regardless of the reason, many bisexual girls find themselves frustrated by trying to find lesbians on the dating scene.

If you are a bisexual woman, and you would put yourself in the category mentioned above, there are a few simple tips you can remember.

Tips For Bisexuals Dating Lesbians

If you want to have a little more success with lesbians on the dating scene, here are a few straightforward suggestions that can serve to make things easier:

  • Women are tougher to date in general: Many people would make the argument that when it comes to dating needs, men are a good deal simpler than women. In other words, if you are a bisexual woman trying to meet a lesbian, you may want to change the tactics you would use to get a date with a man. Women demand more from even those they would consider dating, let alone actually date.
  • Lesbians don’t think you’re serious: This is something we mentioned before, but it’s worth mentioning again. There is a very unfair assumption with bisexuals that they aren’t serious about a relationship with either gender. By and large, this is completely untrue of those who identify as bisexuals. Understand that you will often have to work against this misconception of your sexuality.
  • Lesbians want certainty: Like everyone else who dates, lesbians want to know they are being given a measure of certainty with those they date. You will need to come across as someone who is serious in everything they say and do, where it concerns relationships.
  • Lesbians who aren’t attracted to women: If you are a bisexual woman with a distinctly feminine look, you may find it difficult to appeal to those lesbians who are looking for something different than that. Furthermore, you shouldn’t assume a lesbian is attracted you to just because they are a lesbian.
  • Aerial monogamy: As a bisexual, you have to deal with the misconception that you are not interested in monogamy. Most lesbians on the dating scene right now are interested in strong, secure, long-term relationships. Are you prepared to give that to them?

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