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Started in July 2009, Compatible Partners aim to facilitate lesbians and gays looking for lasting, long-term relationships. At the beginning, there was a lot of argument surrounding eHarmony’s decision to launch Compatible Partners. And now there are a lot of members of the site with registrations increasing exponentially every month. The main reason behind this is that Compatible Partners is an ideal site with a lot of features that cater to lesbians and gays who are searching for long-term relationships.


As originally launched by eHarmony, Compatible Partners uses a similar website format. On most online dating websites, you have to create your profile (which is most of the time a complex process) and then you have to provide 1000 words about yourself. After that you have to browse through tons of pages looking for singles. And after all the struggle, when you actually find someone you are interested in, you have no idea how compatible you are with them. With Compatible Partners, this is not the case because they offer a better way of matching individuals. Compatible Partners uses their advanced matchmaking system and take all of the guesswork out.

Signing up for Compatible Partners is fast and easy. All you have to do is fill out your personality profile questionnaire, which only takes 30 minutes to complete. After its completion your personality is analyzed based on your answers and you get a very detailed and in-depth report about yourself. Using this report, Compatible Partners matches you with other available lesbians or gays in their system and find the person you are most compatible with.


Only 6 to 24-month membership options are available for Compatible Partners. You can cancel your membership anytime you want, however the longer you stay with the site, the higher are the chances that you will meet the person of your dreams.

Membership plans are as follows:

  • 6-Month: $257.70 ($42.95 per month)
  • 12-Month $227.40 ($18.95 per month)
  • 24-Month $238.80 ($9.95 per month)

Pros and Cons


There’s no doubt that eHarmony’s patented matchmaking system is the best. Compatible Partners uses the same systems without any change whatsoever. As a result, whether you are lesbian or gay, you are getting the same advanced and reliable matchmaking that the eHarmony members are, and that too with an affordable price.

As compared to most lesbian and gay dating sites, the price for Compatible partners is extremely competitive (in some cases, even cheaper).

Compatible Partners is not a “let’s hookup” kind of a dating site. If that is what you are looking for, go somewhere else and save your money. Because Compatible Partners is all about lasting, long-term relationships, just like eHarmony.


You can’t take full advantage of the website unless you have a paid membership. Cool features such as use of mobile app, calling other members without revealing your number, finding only the best search results, etc. are only available for premium members. Basic membership is relatively useless.


Compatible Partners is a quality lesbian and gay dating site. It is an ideal source for those who are looking for committed relationships. Launched by eHarmony, Compatible Partners have been in the business for years and are continuously improving their matchmaking software.


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