It Is The Best Thing To Date A Lesbian

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datea lesbianFor many people, dating a lesbian is a bit controversial because others find it weird to seeing girls dating other girls. But, for those that know no gender, dating a lesbian is probably one of the best experiences that girls will surely enjoy. In fact, there are many perks of being in a lesbian dating and some of these are as follow:

Rare Emotional Connection

Forging the rare, deep emotional bond common between girls is one of the undeniable benefits of dating women. You will rarely have to ask what she is feeling for the reason that you have already talked about it often. There could be graphics and charts involved.

You May Share One Another’s Clothes

It could sound shallow, yet it’s one of the things you will love about dating a lesbian. Do not underestimate the appeal of inheriting another wardrobe, particularly if your woman likes designer clothing as much as you want.


It is true. Even if you break up, the chance of being friends is high. Your best friend could shoot tacks out of her eyeballs whenever you are speaking about her former boyfriend, yet women speak in milder, even the gracious tones when speaking of their former girlfriends.

There Are No Gender Roles

In straight relationship, people fall into the traditional gender roles. There are times that this caused a struggle between you and your boyfriend being the feminist you are. Men get annoyed when women insisted on paying for dinner or get weird if they do things like opening door for them. In lesbian relationship, you and your girlfriend is free to definite your roles. Whenever you ask about the man in the relationship, you are just trying to apply the male gender role’s traditional view to a relationship that doesn’t have a man in it.

Girls Always Understand Other Girls

Boys can be naïve in terms of girls. In lesbian relationship, your partner always understands you in a better way. They know what PMS really feels like and they understand how it feels. Going shopping with your partner is much more enjoyable experience when that person is a girl as well. They get the reason why you spend money on underwear or makeup and they do not sit on the bench in the store and wait for you to finish trying different outfits.

There are other things you will love about dating a lesbian. If you want to experience all of those benefits, start finding a lesbian today and date one. You can try online lesbian dating for you to meet single lesbians who are ready to mingle. However, just make sure to pick a lesbian dating site that will offer you convenience and peace of mind. There are cases that other lesbian dating sites will just waste your time and don’t have some tools or features advantageous for dating. So, always be picky and settle with the one that knows your lesbian dating needs well.

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