The Best Dating Apps Reviews

Several years ago, there are only some apps available for everyone, particularly for lesbians. But today, lesbian dating is much easier and simpler because of the different lesbian dating apps like these following:


If you are searching for a girl in a particular place, this is one of the best lesbian dating apps you should download. With the number of women joining this app, it is much easy to look for a girl to date, chat, gossip, meet for coffee or one of those late nights with a few glasses of wine in hand. There are also lots of information about the matchmaker game and scene.


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Wing Ma’am

It’s described as one of the social apps and not a dating one. Many lesbians use this when picking the events section. Its main goal is attempting to make a stronger LGBTQ community through keeping you updated about lesbian friendly events around your place, while letting you to make your own events to look for people you will get along with, from knitting parties to raves.



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Diva App

It is still referred to as the largest selling lesbian magazine with entertainment, news, music, travel, real life features, listings, and scenes. The magazine also has a dating site known as Diva Date.





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Also renowned as Dattch, this is the dating app that was recently launched in the United States. It has also a timeline to keep in touch with the things about lesbian and everything related to it. With this dating app, you will also be aware of what is happening in your city and meet others. You can also text items and like photos, and only girls know if they also like you.


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My Pocket Planet

This app has the best of Planet London site including an enhanced events calendar, Facebook and Twitter feeds and the event reviews.






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Lesbian Sex Positions

There is nothing worse than getting a typical Kama Sutra book and having to skip all of them. It’s the 1st sex positions app, particularly for bisexual and lesbian women. With a huge gallery of ideas, illustrations, and descriptions, you can be assured that you will enjoy this.




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This is a popular app and known for being bisexual friendly. It is simple and enables you to connect with some women to just talk regarding food, fashion, music, culture, and so on.





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Atraf Girls

This app is a must have if you are a travelling lesbian. You can enjoy chatting with women who are visiting your city as well as get to know local women when you are travelling to a new city and updating your travel destination and plans.




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This is described as the better version of gay Facebook, which can let you share everything about your life and made with a vision to offer global LGBT community a place to enjoy freedom to speak.





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