Lesbian Meetups Reviews

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If you think lesbians don’t have a favorite place to hang out, well you’re wrong. At present, there are numerous lesbian meetups you can find in your area. All you have to do is to search and read more about them for you to understand better and have knowledge about their community.

Below are some of the lesbian meetups known in the LGBT community:

Go Gay DC

It’s considered as the newest sensation that is focused on service, leadership, and friendship. It was designed as a civic booster and this fosters a gay community spirit. Go Gay DC is a popular meetup in DC and this was established by TJ Flavell. This also takes pride from using the new media, enabling you to get updated 24/7.

Out Professionals

It’s the leading LGBT business and social networking organization in the nation. Established in year 1983, they host events where the members can sharpen their strategies and make their connections. Through the group’s diverse membership of self-employed professionals, entrepreneurs, and company executives, Out Professionals hosts workshops on business, celebrity interviews, panels, and informal seminars and personal group. With almost a thousand members, they are the conduit for lesbian and gay professionals to make their own business and personal networks.

Queer Happy Hour

It is true. Even if you break up, the chance of being friends is high. Your best friend could shoot tacks out of her eyeballs whenever you are speaking about her former boyfriend, yet women speak in milder, even the gracious tones when speaking of their former girlfriends.

Chicago Film Lover Exchange

If you’re a film lover or love discussing about films, there is no need to look further as Chicago Film Lover Exchange is one of the hottest lesbian meetup group you can consider. They welcome people from various sexual orientations, diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and different ages. They also embrace diversity in all of its forms.


It is a gay social network, which is a good way to make new contacts, connections, and friends. Events, social meetups, bars, activities, theater, cafes, dinners, cinema, days out, walks, sports, group trips, and much more are just some of the things you will enjoy once you joined Gaybourhood. You may also post any kind of event or meetup on here small or big. Everything is easy with Gaybourhood.

Boston Gay Women’s Meetup Group

It is formerly called The JP Women’s Group that was founded by Chris Juliani last January 26, 2007. Their purpose is to establish a community for women in Boston area. Their hope is to make more community for queer or gay women in Boston area, particularly for women who have moved here recently or have come out recently. Aside from that, to change the story that’s so difficult to meet people in the area of Boston. They are an inclusive group for every woman of all backgrounds and ages who identity as queer or gay in any way, including transgender people who consider themselves as women.

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