Things That Straight People Should Never Say

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lesbian hugFor single lesbians, there are just some things that are a big no-no to their ears. As they lead a different lifestyle from straight people, there are some things that should never be uttered or spoken in front of a lesbian.

"But, aren’t you too pretty to be a lesbian?"

This can be a bit insulting because a lesbian’s sexual orientation doesn’t mean that she will look like a pile of messy flannels. Don’t be surprised because lesbians don’t look hideous at all. In fact, they can really be much prettier than your straight gals out there.

"Don’t lesbians have a special singles night or such?"

Well, just so you know, single lesbians have these special nights and yes, they have fun during these events, thank you very much.

"Some women are just crazy."

This kind of thing is definitely something that no woman should ever say to her fellow woman, especially single lesbians, mind you.

"Why don’t you date guys instead?"

Single lesbians will probably tell you to date women instead and for everyone to just swap sexualities for all the problems to be solved. It sounds logical, doesn’t it?

"Have you joined Tinder for single lesbians?"

Don’t try to rub salt on their wounds because lesbians know all too well that they have been blessed with probably the worst of all dating apps in the world.

"I better introduce you to a friend of mine who is a lesbian, too!"

Obviously, there is no reason two lesbians will be hitting it off and the one who said this will definitely not hit off with that lesbian, either.

"Why don’t you look for someone like, say, Ellen?"

It seems that everyone assumes that all single lesbians are just so into Ellen. It is pretty much like claiming that every straight woman in this planet is head over heels in love with Channing Tatum.

"Try getting a cat."

For all you know, the lesbian you talked to already got a cat and there is no way that the cat knows other single lesbians.

"You’re probably still single because you don’t really look gay enough. "

She’s probably hoping to get that gay looking haircut but since everyone is into it, she put it off as something not important. And, does it really have anything to do with how they look?

"Many lesbians are more into a different gender expression. "

Single lesbians will never die alone just because other lesbians prefer femme lesbians for the time being.

"It is not late yet to date men."

Lesbians couldn’t care less about deadlines and they don’t feel any pressure to go out with men at all.

"I would surely date you if I were also a lesbian."

Now, that is something that single lesbians would rather not hear from a straight woman.

So, the next time you meet single lesbians, always remember to never, ever say these things or you might just end up doing more harm than good.

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