Why Should You Stop Dating Men and Begin Dating a Lesbian?

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dating a lesbianIf you are having a hard time maintaining a relationship with a man, then maybe it’s time for you to stop dating him and begin dating a lesbian. You probably already wondered if you should just exclude men from the picture altogether and become a lesbian. While both dating men and dating women have their pros and cons, you will find out that there could be number of reasons that dating a woman would be better for you.

Following are some reasons why you should stop dating men and begin dating a lesbian:

1.Guys Are Just Too High Maintenance

Perhaps you don’t understand a man’s needs as well as you understand a woman’s and that’s why you may find dealing with a man’s needs more exhausting. If you cannot maintain a relationship with a man and find yourself rolling your eyes every time he gets mad at you, then perhaps it’s a good time to move on. It’s not worth getting stressed out trying to figure it all out.

2.Women Are a More Attractive Sex

If you find yourself more attracted to women as compared to men, then you are not alone. A lot of women feel that way because women generally are a more attractive sex. One of its main reasons is that most women have better grooming and cleanliness habits.

3.Women Know Your Body Just as Well as You Do

If you are tired of sexual encounters where you have to teach your man how to properly love your body, then you definitely need to date a woman. You will find a sexual experience with a woman more enjoyable because they know how to satisfy another woman.

4.A Woman Understands You Better Emotionally

Not to say that men are simple creatures, most men think of things in a logical and rational manner as opposed to women who understand why you feel the way you do emotionally. They can be more empathetic. There’s more of a chance of shades of grey and less of black and white.

5.Your Lesbian Partner Will Understand Why It Takes You So Long to Get Ready

Preparing yourself before heading out takes time because you got to look good. Ask a man to wait for you an hour and he wouldn’t even understand why it might take you that long to get ready. He will moan and groan that you take too long. On the other hand, ask a woman to wait that long and she will spend that time preparing herself as well. Not to mention that a woman would be more helpful when it comes to picking out outfits and shoes.

6.Zero Chances of Getting Pregnant

While this may not be an optimal reason for dating a lesbian, it’s certainly nice to know that you won’t have a surprise pregnancy while dating another woman. You will just have to worry about protecting yourself from STDs.

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